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Thread: Help! Questions

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    Help! Questions

    Shouldn’t we or do we have a specific section for those who desparately join the forum for help for various reasons? I'm just curious because a lot of people put their request in the introduction section and it seems help is all they really want.

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    This has been brought up many times before

    IMO, if there was a specific area for "Homework Help" or somesuch, there would be many more people signing up with some sense of entitlement or expectation to get help here, that we are providing a service or something, and I don't think that's a good thing to encourage.

    We just try to move the topics to the right areas if they are in the wrong one, Dickens questions in the Dickens forums etc. in case any kind souls do wish to assist in any way.
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    Ah. Thanks for the explanation. I suppose you're right. The forum would be swamped.

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