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    Welcome to my Dungeon, come on in
    Hold this torch the toursí about to begin
    Stay close to me, donít touch the walls
    Ignore the inhabitantís pleas and calls
    Here in this chamber, I greet new guests
    Put them through some basic torture tests

    Over there daily beatings are given
    Screams of pain keep the punishers driven
    Now come with me, walk this way
    Down these halls never see the light of day
    Chained to that table is someone bad
    So we drip water on his forehead to dive him mad

    Watch your step, walk around the hole
    For deep inside lay forgotten souls
    Avoid the puddles; theyíre not what you think
    Theyíre infectious waste the locals drink
    The rats down here are larger than dogs
    Also be on the lookout for carnivorous hogs

    Ah here we are the chamber of confession
    In here the guilty learn a horrible lesson
    Donít look at them, just keep walking
    Their tongues are removed to keep them from talking
    Torture and pain are a way of life here
    Some even survive on what many fear

    Oh my, please forgive the smell
    This is were we keep those, who arenít quite well
    Soon itíll be feeding time, itís a nasty brew
    Thereís plenty for all, how Ďbout you
    Please donít panic, youíll only make it worse
    I promise to take pleasure when you hurt

    Dungeon Master

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