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    When I posted my first thread (called "to begin with ...the end", a long time ago), I found out that people have different opinions even about Winston's fate (?: can you say that in English?), something that I actually regarded as taken for granted.
    I want to try this again.
    I regard O'Brien as the most fascinating character of 1984, the one I would love to spend a couple of evenings with, to listen to what he has to say, to try to understand. I guess I would like to ascertain if such a clever person is really, genuinely capable of Doublethink, or if it is just a trick.
    Of course, real life shows me that most of politicians are capable of doublethink (if you only knew what we have to listen to, in Italy, now that the electoral campaign has started!...). But the point is that those people are simply pretending, and do it with an obvious purpose.
    What's your opinion? Do you also regard O'Brien as a fascinating, charismatic leader, or are you merely disturbed by him?

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    O'Brian is not really "intelligent/clever" because now-a-days, to be considered intelligent, is to be able to recogonize the views around you, even though you may not agree with them, and to be able to recogonize others views, and not be succummed to cause prejudice, is what I consider to be real intelligence.

    O'Brian does not offer another point of view, he is able to interperet what another may being FEELING, but ultimately he is disgusted that they would feel this way.

    Which kind of gives me the idea, that maybe O'Brian could actually be one of the main faces, behind "Big Brother"

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