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Thread: Who Moved My Cheese???

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    Who Moved My Cheese???

    I have a feeling that many of you read this book "Who Moved My Cheese? " . So, for those who read it what was the cheese in your life? How did you react and which character was the closest to your reaction?

    alright let's hear from you.... :o

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    Eek! That dreaded piece of drivel is resurrected yet again???

    Ok, I'll say it once more....I am the cockroach under the table on which the "cheese" scenario takes place, indifferent to their whinging, and surviving them all. :evil:

    Yet another case of the dumbing down of society to the lowest common denominator.

    Think for yourselves!!! :evil:

    Sorry....rant over. I feel better, really. 8)

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    I keep seeing that mentioned... What is it, who wrote it? I have in my mind an idea of comic fiction but I don't know... I'm curious, I had never heard of it.

    Btw, I generally hate cheese.
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    Looks like some pop-psychology stuff to me, real timeless!

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