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Thread: Rock‘n‘roll on Shakespeare

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    Rock‘n‘roll on Shakespeare

    Sometimes a poetry seems to me a little extravagant. Just take a look at Shakespeare’s Sonnets Remixed by famous Nigel Tomm, is it worth these words “fantastic”, “wonderful”, “perfect” or even “better than original”. Isn’t it ridiculous? Can a copy be better than original?

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    In the case of a production of a Shakespearian play I think that the director's changes make it his/her play rather than Shakespear's play. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. The same goes for "translated" literature. The book no longer belongs to the original author if t is manipulated to fit and audience. In this way, I think, one must go intoa theatre or a book with an open mind. However, if the "new author" disrespects that whom he/she has written ... I think it is a shamful act.
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