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Thread: Boy do I wish I was Winston!!!

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    Boy do I wish I was Winston!!!

    So I'm done with the book and its pretty obvious that Winston's life sucks a whole bunch. First his mom and his sister run away because he was being a little fatty and ate all his sister's chocolate, then he goes on wondering for years if he is the only person that feels that way about Big Brother then blah blah blah meets Julia-in love right right then OH MY GOD CAUGHT BY THE THOUGHT POLICE and bam he is being starved and demolished by rats for god knows how long exactly until O'brien fills him in on what a loser he is and stuff and can't go on any longer with the pain and suffering and stuff so he's all like " OMG HURT JULIA AND STUFF!!!" and gets re-released back into the world that he hates so much, knowing he will never be able to do anything about it. On top of that it is seen that him and Julia betrayed each other, the 2 people that are suppose to be in love and would never do anything to hurt each other. So to sum it up he is alone in the world and is waiting miserably until he is vaporized. Sweet life.

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    You are essentially correct, but isn't that the point? Lifes a b then you die?

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