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    Room 101

    My english teacher (aka teacher on this website) had us do a writing assingment on room 101. Like Winstons room 101 was the cage with the two rats on either side of him. Well our teacher had us do this really fun assignment on what our room 101 was. Heres mine:The guards opened the door and a rush of salt water brushed my face. I sceamed please don't, anything but that and then they pushed me into the door way only to fall 100ft in the air. I landed in ice cold water trying to search for the surface but I stuggled searching for the top because of the pitch black waters, and my stomach still hurt from the 100ft belly flopper. Finally I found the surface gasping for air. As I looked up I saw the light from the doorway. Then it slammed shut leaving me in the dark,icy,cold,waters trying despratly to keep above (the end). Please keep your remarks to yourself I know it sucked, but see if you can write a scarier room 101 than I did.(your room 101,not Winstons)

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    How about if you are perpetually in room 101, and waiting for something to happen? Your blood pressure goes up and you sweat like crazy, because O' Brien whispers, "It's coming, Winston. It's coming." And guess what? It never comes, but you're still looking around frantically because you're scared. Somebody is most afraid when fear is what they are afraid of. The nature of the room will destroy you, nothing that derives from it even has to attempt to. Then you really are destroyed from the inside out, because you implode with the emotional and intellectual burden of impending fear. When they finally take you out of the room, do you regain your strength? No, you don't. Why? The very thought of room 101 sends your internal fortitude spiraling downward, so that at a moment's notice you can be as weak as you were when you were in a room. Then room 101 is INSIDE YOU, and there's no way to escape that.

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