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    it says that winston was writing his journal for o'brien because he had a feeling o'brien felt the same way as him. did he know that he would come into contact with o'brien? did he kind of feel that all of these events would happen? someone explain.

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    he was hoping that he would come into contact. the book was writen to O'Brian in hopes that he would find it. Winston never knew if the book would ever get into O'Brians hands. its was more so 'hope'ing that if O'Brian did find the book, that b/c he found it, O'Brian felt the same way as Winston. its kinda hard to explain...well explain how i think it is. all i can say is that Winston wrote the book for O'Brian hoping that O'Brian would actually reading it. just so happens he did find the book, just like Winston wanted him to. the only bad thing is O'Brian used it against Winston b/c of what Winston wrote in it. hope that helped....

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    it did, thank you:]

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