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Thread: Problem w/ English Teacher

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    I'd try to help, but I'm busy drafting my letter of complaint about how my AP calculus class didn't cover the implicit function theorem.

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    How much do you want to cover

    I agree that it is not right to give students bad abridged versions of books. However coming from a school where we only have 12 weeks per class abridged versions are necessary. Teachers are required to cover certain books and other subjects in their classes no matter how long or short the class is. Before you take these complaints to a higher authority you might want to find out what the teacher is required to teach. Nobody ever said that you couldn't read the book on your own. If you have the time to read the original version then more power to you. <><
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    I'm trying to understand why so many books are abridged. I posted this question elsewhere but didn't really get any help. The reason I'm asking is because I was hoping to read Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book and bought a version from Scholastic to later find out it was abridged. I found the original and have read both, and was shocked at how different they were, but I"m not sure i understand the reasoning behind editing so much out. Can anyone tell me why? I'm studying to become a teacher and I want to be able to explain some day to my students why I would prefer them to read the full length.

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    I don't think I ever encountered abridged works in high school or college, but then again, I have not read a great number of books that I know high school graduates are usually expected to have read.

    Virgil, I went to that website ( and t is hilarious....but like I said, a lot I haven't read. I think I may turn that website into a reading list for me, lol. I almost wish we had done at least a couple abridged books just because, like daddysfiddler pointed out, there just is not enough time in a school year to cover eveything that is expected comprehensively...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverMoon
    I totally agree with Xamonas Chegwe, take this complaint to the highest level, but what I would do is to go out and buy the unabridged copy, then try and read it at the same pace as you are at school, just a chapter ahead, then make sure you point out every single little mistake you come across, particulaly those regarding dialect and language, and make sure you have the book to hand to prove it. Your teacher will regret the time she thought she would be able to muck up one of the gretest literary works of all time...
    i agree with your suggestion, silvermoon. or, read it thoroughly (if you can find the time), noting down errors and the discrepancies of the abridged version, then talk to your teacher. if that doesn't work then take XC's advice.
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    Oh, the very same thing happens to me. Every year, in my school an abridged version is taught which really sucks. I never gets into the novels until I read the actual or unabridged version. I think that an abridged version really spoils the loveliness of a novel and there is no use of such a version for literature class.
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    now i would like to start of first by saying that i too despise abridged versions--especially as a teacher i find them difficult to teach as often times they are poorly done and very choppy. however, to assume that any teacher is horrible because he/she is using them is unjust. the reality is that many teachers despise using these versions but their hands are tied. at my high school, our department head invested in expensive anthologies for all levels and grades.these anthologies are awful, in my opinion, and only include snippets and abridged works. these anthologies ate up our budget and we have no money to purchase novels of whole works for the students. now being paid what i am i cannot afford to buy 100 copies of each novel i would like to teach and photocopying novels is out the questions so i am left teaching abridged versions and doing the best i can with it. the real issue for me is funding.

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    That's unfortunate kao. I bet that is similar to how many teachers have to cope, that they don't have final say or control of what they teach, or what goes on in their own classrooms. Too much administrative/bureaucratic nonsense going on.

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