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Thread: How do you you recognize when God is speaking to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by atiguhya padma
    <How do you know you are living in reality right now and that your mind is not making you think you are? >

    Firstly, what do you mean by reality? Secondly, you obviously don't believe this yourself, otherwise you would not have asked the question of me. Thirdly, it makes no sense for an indvidual to consider themselves the totality of all that exists, as, from what we know of existence is that it requires an environment in which to exist. A white circle drawn on a white background of exactly the same shade will not exist. A subject or object, requires a relation between itself and an other, in order to be defined, in order to exist. Existences require boundaries.
    First of all I do believe in this stuff and second reality is what you define it because I have found out people do not define reality the same way. Ever have a dream so vivid the you swore you were awake? I have had several where I was sitting with my Grandfather and I could feel his hand touching mine. Only thing is he has been deceased for three years but I swore I was awake and I could feel his physical body. Now that may make me sound like I am crazy and need psychological help but I can assure you that I am indeed sane. You drew the white circle upon a white background does not mean it does not exist. You know it to be there but it blends within the background just because it cannot be seen does not mean it is not there. Personally most people do not see me even though I am a bit hard to miss but it is a matter what we choose to see and what we do not. Whether to believe that an entity we cannot see can speak to us or not is up to us. I have known things about a person before we even spoke just by looking at them. I do not how I do but I even knew my sister would lose her leg before she was taken to a ER and flown to a hospital. There are things for which there are no explantion for and it will be a wonderful journey to try to explain the unexplainable.

    Words can either heal or harm I choose for my words to heal and do no harm.

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    I've gotten a busy signal from God for a very long time.
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    it is absurd to expect to have a relationship with God or call Him our heavenly father if we cannot talk to Him, hear Him talk to us. I have expected to hear Him all my life and He has had expectations from me. It is about covenant and relationship. a man and a woman who won't talk or listen to one another are in the same sort of boat as the person who won't talk to God or be quiet and patient and listen to Him speak back. Holy Scripture says" call upon me and i will answer" and also "be still and know that i amd God."
    my son didn't believe he could hear from God and was very hurt and bitter for a long time. he said he felt like he was in some sort of waiting room and God was behind the door and never invited him in. then one day i received a cheque in the mail and placed it on the table. the children were all out of doors working in the garden. i turned my back for only seconds really and when i looked at the table the cheque was gone. i called to the children and they came inside and we prayed and searched and couldn't figure out what had happened. then travis went outside and looked in the day before's garbage and there amazingly was the cheque with a smidgeon of jam on it. later travis said he heard clearly a voice that he absolutely knew was the Father tell him to go and look there. He never doubted much after that and learned to talk to Him and be quiet and listen. that moment changed forever his precious life.

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    Lightbulb How God "speaks" to me... no i'm not hearing voices I promise lol

    I recognize God's voice through the people I love. Usually a friend or family member may say something that takes my breath away and gives me goosebumps. Other times when i am praying I will get what I call "divine inspiration" whether it be a solution to my present dilema or an innovative idea. Still other times I will be getting out of my car at night and just look up and be utterly amazed at the beauty of the sky and the stars as if I'd never really stopped to notice them before. God "speaks" to us all the time we just have to learn how to listen with our hearts instead of our ears.

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