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Thread: Mansfield Park

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    Mansfield Park

    Can anyone suggest a question to do with Mansfield Park? Nothing too indepth but something that would be accepted in A-level texts???

    Many thaks

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    Kmw if your doing an Alevel are you talking as or A2 because you relise the A2 has to be comparitive, with another text right?
    Oh wait you mightnot be doing AQA silly me!
    Well I cant give you a question but heres things you should rember get the authut in the question. as in showingg how Jane Austen does somthing. Never ever start to speak of the charcters as people with opinions they are always devices.
    So for example you want to talk about the differance between Fanny and Mary Crawford (thats her name right?) You would say somthing like : the languge Jane austen uses in Fanny's speach is ........" rather than The languge Fanny uses.

    Questions on theme's or a devic is always good charcters are much trickier. Although you could incoprate the two and ask somthing like How doest the authur Jane Austen Use the charcter of.......... to demonstrate the theme of...........

    hope tha helps abit and welcome
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