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Thread: anne of green gables:i recommend

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    anne of green gables:i recommend

    i recently had the opportunity of reading "Anne of Green Gables" by L.M.Montgomery. it's just brilliant. its all about a young orphan girl who has wild dreams and makes up for all her miseries and misfortunes by dreaming. she chances to be adopted by an old couple(quite accidental) of Green takes quite a turn for her. the story describes the transformation of a talkative and innocent girl to a well matured and calm lady.
    i have learnt much about life from this novel. it gives good tips on learning with disapointments, inadequacies and anxieties of life
    i'm sure this review has not gone too far into the plot to reveal a lot. you could give it a reading
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    When I was a kid, I read all of the Anne books. What a happy memory! Like you, I was fascinated by her transformation over the series. She started out as a lonely little orphan girl who lived pretty much in her own fantasy world. But after Marilla and Matthew adopted her she really blossomed. And I liked the fact that she was so disaster-prone, going from one sad predicament to another. There was the time when she accidentally served the wrong drink----NOT raspberry cordial!---and got her friend Diana drunk! And the time she dyed her hair green. And her "apology" to Mrs. Rachel Lynde. Not to mention the famous "carrots" scene with Gilbert Blythe...

    And speaking of Gilbert, wasn't he a sweetie? I loved his romance with Anne. I remember how, at age 11 or 12, I went downstairs on Christmas morning to open my gifts, and there was "Anne's House of Dreams" waiting for me under the tree. That was the one in which she married Gilbert----FINALLY!---and getting the book just made my whole day.

    Years later, as a grown woman, I was lucky enough to visit Prince Edward's Island. This was awhile back, when the Green Gables House was still open as a museum. I saw Anne's actual bedroom and pictured her there, gazing out her window at the Snow Queen. To me this character will always be a "kindred spirit" and I'm glad that other people have continued to read and enjoy the series.
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    Yes, Anne of Green Gables is real great. I think that all preteen girls should read it, because it will really help them. When I read Anne of Green Gables and the other books in that series, I get transported into a different world-a world full of beauty, imaginations and 'kindred spirits'. I remember that I used to think that it would be lovely to live in a 'bookworld' where I could jump from one book to another, living in them!

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