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Thread: To My husband

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    To My husband

    What are the most expressive poems to my husband
    I read one wrritten by Anne Bradstreet and another poems but it was in old english which a little bit difficult to understand

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    hey nice enquiry, i wish if i know one to give u but unfortunately i do not

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    Look up stuff from Elizabeth Barrett Browning. She wrote a lot of love poetry and her husband was the poet Robert Browning. Somewhere in her work must be a poem for a husband.

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    Although her personal relationships were numerous and various (as she recounted in "What Lips My Lips Have Kissed"), poet Edna St. Vincent Millay did marry. Her sonnet 51, from the collection entitled Fatal Interview, is no doubt addressed to her husband, Eugene Jan Boissevain:

    If in the years to come you should recall,
    When faint at heart or fallen on hungry days,
    Or full of griefs and little if at all
    From them distracted by delights or praise;
    When failing powers or good opinion lost
    Have bowed your neck, should you recall to mind
    How of all men I honoured you the most,
    Holding you noblest among mortal-kind:
    Might not my love - although the curving blade
    From whose wide mowing none may hope to hide,
    Me long ago below the frosts had laid -
    Restore you somewhat to your former pride?
    Indeed I think this memory, even then,
    Must raise you high among the run of men.

    Still, I'd have to say no other poet holds a candle to Elizabeth Barrett Browning when it comes to 'true' love poetry directed to a husband.

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    Thanks a million to you all
    Miss tenderness
    i like the poem

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