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    Talking Proles and Telescreens

    I don't understand why Big Brother doesn't put any telescreens in the Proles section. I understand that they don't seem much as a threat but the Proles make up 85% of the population. There are more of them then there are in the government and they could rebel against Big Brother with no problem. Strength lies in numbers. I also know that the Proles don't have enough money to buy telesceens because you have to purchase your own. Still if I was Big Brother I would feel safer knowing what is going on in every part of my country. Wouldn't you?
    The telescreen reminds me of the watching eye in The Lord of The Rings it watches day and night just like a telescreen. I wonder if in the end of the book they end the life of having telescreens watching you day and night?
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    I think that it is perfectly Simple why there is non telescreens there. they are uneducated and frankly not smart enough to realize that thet have power in numbers and they are also poor and look out mostly for themselves and not others. the proles live in sort of slums so they really dont know what the outsied is like. big brother uxses no telescreens in the prole slums because they are uneduacted and poor

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    I sort of go along with the kid 11's reply. But if you had telescreens watching them, they would feel that they, themselves were more of a threat to big brother. They also might actually realize that they were imortant to have to have big brother worrying about the control he has over them. Then that idea leads to another and soon they start to believe that they could probably take over. So in reality I think that big brother thinks its easier to keep them drunk, stupid,and poor. I think thats why he also has words taken away from the dictionary/encyclipedia thingy so they will just be another group of poor people with no reason to live.If you think other wise please let me know

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    I agree with both of you. Why bother worrying about them if all you have to do is keep them drunk, uneducated, and poor. Orwell is showing that the government doesnt really have to do much to keep control of people, if they dont care about voting, as long as the government is giving them what they want to be happy then they arent going to ask for change.

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    proles and telescreens re:

    Well in my English class we discussed that one reason Big Brother hasn't put telescreens in the proles section is because Big Brother bribes them with pornosec.And the fact that they are uneducated and have no power they pose as no threat!

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    The proles may make up 85% of the population but they are for the most part stupid and they have there priorities all mixed up and big brother being as smart as they are take advantage of this By distracting them With porn and other mindless things. As winston observed Two wemon fighting over pots and pans that shows that they have no real hate for the goverment as long as they get there beer and porn they will keep fighting over pots and pans and leave Big brother alone . I give Props to BB for this one keeping the dumb dumb and satisfied

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    The Dumb

    No the Proles do have there priorites straight drink beer watch porn and drink some more. BB does an awsome job of keep the proles in line. I dont think that the proles could ever have the brain power to rebel.I mean come on look at those to old ladies figthing over the pots and pans theirs a prim example of what BB would be in store for if they ever did try to revolt. In short the proles could never revolt the dumb will stay dumb and the smart will rule the dumb!!

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    “If there is hope, wrote Winston, it lies in the proles.”

    ”Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”

    If the smart are so smart, why do they want to rule the dumb? Perhaps that's the point of life for some people.

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    Bren- I think the reason why Big Brother doesn't have telescreens in the prole section because he doesn't want them to realize or somehow come back to reality and see how strong they are. Also that he wants to keep them doumbfounded and powerless. And to sho the other party members how life is with and without power.

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    I think he puts no teloscreens in the proles section is the proles don't know alot about the government because the have no radio's or news papers. also the proles like the governtment and won't rebell.

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    yeah, its cause they've been hopelessly brainwashed.

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