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Thread: About newspeak

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    About newspeak

    New speak is the official language of Oceania.Newspeak is going to be adopted in Oceania around 2050. I believe that newspeak was made to keep the proles stupid. The reason big brother want the proles kept stupid is so they don't rebell aginst big brother.To sum it up new speek limits the amount of vocab the citizens of oceania are exposed to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dynoport
    To sum it up new speek limits the amount of vocab the citizens of oceania are exposed to.
    Vocab? The irony is killing me!

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    I understand the point of news speak, but wont limiting, changing,and then burning all the dictionarys limit big brothers vocab and intelligence? If they destroy everything from the past,wont they eventualy become stupid also?And another thing, is Orwell critisizing Communism in 1985? I forget.

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    I agree with you! The prole are kept stupid to keep from rebelling against Big Brother. If the prole were to realize they are being treated unfairly they would rebel. Even if some people were to rebel against the government and ignore the new language the people wouldn't understand what they are staying and nothing would happen. With the limiting of speech and language the prole are so easy to manipulate that they belive all the lies the Truth Of Ministry tells them. The ones that realize that they are being brainwashed will eventually be caught and "disappear." The proles have no hope of freedom!

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    Did any of you read the appendix? Newspeak was designed to erradicate all ability to have treasonous thoughts against Big Brother. It would not limit the intelligence of Big Brother because, first of all, Big Brother does not exist, and secondly, Newspeak is not aimed at the Inner Party. Newspeak was aimed at the Outer Party, of which Winston was a member. The proles were already content and would never rise up against the Party, as shown by Winston talking to the old man prole in part 2.

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