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Thread: Favourite childhood author

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    Favourite childhood author

    I used to love to read Beatrix Potter when I was little. I still do, actually. How many other people out there used to loved to read her or have her read to them and what's their favourite story?
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    I really loved her storyes, though I discovered them quite late (I think I was about nine, or something), they weren't translated in my language, and I had to wait to know enough english to read them.
    I think my favourite was (is) The Tailor of Gloucester, and The tale of Mrs Titlemouse, it always made me laugh...

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    I love them. Oh, Benjamin and Peter and Jemima. Come back to me. I miss you so much. My days of naivete. Oh how I miss Benjamin and Peter and Jeremy and Jemima and all them.

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    OH! I used to take out at least one Beatrix Potter book whenever we went to the library. I have a lot of fond childhood memories and icons, but she holds a very, extra-special place in my heart, right next to Roald Dahl.
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    My mom always read the Beatrix Potter books to us when we were little guys. Now I read the books to my own kids -- even though they're getting beyond the age of finding them amusing.

    But my all-time favorite book when I was a kid was Mister Dog - The Dog Who Belonged to Himself by Margaret Wise Brown. Crispin's Crispian (the dog) was the best -- and still is... IMO.

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    My childhood favorites are Beatrix Potter's stories, and A.A. Milne's stories of Winnie-the-Pooh! I still have all the stories, still read them and love them!

    I couldn't pick a favorite amongst Beatrix Potter's works. I think in terms of her characters: Benjamin Bunny, Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle Duck, Squirrel Nutkin, Tom Kitten. Just love them!!

    I recently saw the movie Miss Potter, and although it may not be historically accurate, for anyone with fond memories of her stories, it's a wonderful film. Greatly enjoyed it!

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    Our English literature teacher've discovered her to me at the University, since then I want to read her stories to my children, I think they will love them.
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    One of the charms of Beatrix Potter for me as a child was the format - a little book just the right size for little hands, the colours were so gentle on the eye aand there were pictures on every page with a manageable slice of text in between

    When I visited Hill Top Sawry, her much-loved home, it was almost like revisiting a place I had known for years - so many nooks and crannies are recognisable from the illustrations.

    The vocabulary is pitched just right: the tales are simple but not simplistic, she treats her readers as intelligent beings and does not talk down to them - how I hated patronising authors when I was a child! She does not edit difficult words - hands up all who learned that lettuce is very soporific from her books!

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