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Thread: Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town

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    Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town

    I just read this novel in school, and I was surprised to see him in the author list. I was looking for Hemingway and just kept looking. Anyways, this is by far one of the best books I have had to read for school. It is so stupid, it's funny! It tells about a small town life, and the narrator seems to think that everyone is perfect. A Utopian society so to speak. It is hard to talk about without giving away the draw of the novel. I hope someone will read it, though, Leacock is considered one of Canada's finest authors. His books are all weird, that's for sure.
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    Orilia- a town of wonderful people...

    Ah yes, Orillia is a wonderful town. Whether or not its people are perfect however is still only found in the eyes of Leacock. Still... I love the town, regardless its people. lol. Nah, they're all nice!
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