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Thread: Introduce Yourself here and say Hi.

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    My First Post

    Hi All,

    First time I have joined any type of forum. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and obviously love reading and literature. Although I am a 55 year old secondary school teacher, my subjects are Chemistry, Biology and General Science and I have nothing to do with the teaching of literature or English nor did I study either of these subjects at uni.

    In the past twelve months I have cut back my workload and have began to pursue other interests (the teaching profession can be totally consuming) such as the captivating pleasure of reading novels. This year I have joined two book clubs and now I am entering into the cyber world of literature. One book club focuses on classics and the other on contemporary fiction. Although I still have a full time teaching schedule, I follow the DEAR time approach “Drop Everything And Read time”.

    Just in case your wondering why MRI - this is my timetable code at work based on my initials which most people immediately think of “Magnetic Resonance Imaging” ie. MRI Scans but I prefer “Mindful Reading Imaging”. Why the image of the bull? This is a homage to Spanish background.
    Regards to all,


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    Welcome to all friendly introductions I missed due to being absent from boards so long! I hope you forgive delay and my unpredictable real life for kidnapping and keeping me in its custody so long
    It is amazing however to see this threa(t)d is still out here, active and sticking out!
    I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves of gold there grew.

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