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Thread: What is this world going to come to?

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    Talking What is this world going to come to?

    I've been day dreaming alot about the book. It seems in the book, all the gov. is focused on, for the future is war and violence. If George Orwell is truly right about the book then in the future what would would happen if all we thought about was war. I mean we couldn't do anything about it becuase we'd be controlled by the thought police and the majority of us would be to stupid and drunk to realise it. We would have to worry about everything we say and do . To live in a world of war with no way out,uuhhhhh it would make me sick . What do you think will happen?
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    Cool proles

    I agree with you. Orwell has been focusing on the government. The proles are so brainwashed that they dont understand that the government has been controling them. Big Brother has them under control so much that they dont have telescreens watching the proles because Big Brother doesn't worry about them they think they are no threat to them. Winston wants to find a place to write in his diary, be at peace, not having to woory about face crime, the two minutes of hate, for 5 minutes in his life. The children are turning in their own parents, people are disappearing without a trace, no one arguing that its wrong.

    I wonder if we will turn out that way or if our children or our childrens children will have to worry like Winston does.


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