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Thread: beauty in richardiii

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    Question beauty in richardiii

    hi evryone and thanks for the forum, I'm a french student studying richardiii.The topic of my essai is : beauty in richardiii.I don't know what to say, can anyone help me please.

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    Probably too late to help you but anyways, even though Richard III is an ogre, he does have some amazing insights (really Shakespeare's put in a comical villain's words) in the scene with Lady Ann (who's husband he killed) where he stresses how he was "done-in" and starstruck by her beauty; and with the other Queen, who's boy-prince he murdered, he talks in that scene about the glory of marriage as if he's an experienced expert on the subject. Shakespeare puts a lot of depth into corrupt Richard, which make him an amazing monster.

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    i did have an idea but didnt see the 2005 lol
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    This prisoner of hell -like body relieved himself from unbearable suffering by his effort by his will to establish himself as a worthy human being. He deserves nothing but respect.
    He is so strong, so brave, so clever, he has a great sense of black humor, and he is so talented actor!) (Richard's seduction of Lady Anne).
    He is gorgeous!)

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