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Thread: On Word Sentences..

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    On Word Sentences..

    Everyone must work together to create sentences. Each user must only use one word. You can NEVER use on word MORE THAN TWO TIMES. It will be against the rules. So please follow the rules. If you don't get it, lemme say this. One word will be the startoff. You will work off of that word. Use your words carfully, and make a small short story (or long one). BUT! the trick is you can only post one word @ a time. You can use a WORD TWICE, but no more than that. If you are confused, ummm... i dunno wat to say...

    I'll start it off:

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    Yes, a very old thread.

    Surely its because no one knows what, Antidisestablishmentarianism means... (I copy pasted that).

    Why dont we try this like this:

    The first word of a sentence will be:


    Now the next person enters another word, and we may end up with a meaningful sentence?

    It may crash and burn again but - it may be interesting enough to pop in and see how your word fared?



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    (is this right?)
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    So far:

    Thrice came cannon...

    I dont think this will work... mainly because there will be so many "in between" words between the major adjectives.

    How about this:

    Thrice came the cannon, when morning

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