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Thread: Depardieu Calls Former Flame Vercini A 'serial Cheat'

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    Wink Depardieu Calls Former Flame Vercini A 'serial Cheat'

    It took some thirty minutes to arrive at Stephen's house, but when Jules and Ana pulled up into the driveway, he was surprised to see his father's rent-a-car already parked in the lot. Upon entering the home the two discovered both Stephen and Sidney seated opposite one another in the drawing room, studying an article with the most intense expression of gravity upon both their faces. At the sight of Jules and Ana, however, they ceased heir discussion altogether, and Stephen stood up to hug his long-lost friend.

    "Stephen, it's good to see you," Jules declared happily. "Tell me how my father came to visit, and what is that you are reading anyway? It looks like some article from the paper."

    "I hope you will forgive me, son," Mr. Cromwell interrupted, "but I looked through your little black book to find Stephen's number. I wished to meet and discuss this with him," Mr. Cromwell said, motioning to the clip in front of him. "And what is my niece doing here? Anna, you don't look a day more pregnant than when I first saw you."

    "I'm not Anna Cromwell, Uncle, I'm Ana Devon. Your niece ran off with the priest who fathered her child. She left a letter in your box telling you so, and mentioning that she would write from time to time. I'm sorry for the deception, but it was necessary to find out about Jules, and I was single-minded in my purpose."

    Mr. Cromwell frowned then at Ana's trickery. "You didn't have to go through all that just to find out about my son. I would have told you if you had only asked, and imagine, I've been under a false impression this whole time. The entire family is quite deluded."

    "I am so very sorry," she reiterated, now comprehending the full ramifications of her ruse. "I really would not have done it if I had known you would have been receptive to me. I just thought…well, you are British and an aristocrat, and it's normative, isn' t it, for your class to hold secrets?"

    "Yes, but that's a paltry reason for feigning relations."

    Ana bent her head in shame. "You're right. I have no excuse."

    "Be gentle with her, father," Jules suddenly piped in, wrapping his arm around her tightly and hugging her close. "You know as well as I do you wouldn't have given her a word if she had been a simple stranger. You had a hard enough time accepting me, and I'm your son."

    Jules' accusation had the intentional effect of pricking Mr. Cromwell's conscience. "That's true, Jules, and I will spend the rest of my life regretting it, but that is neither here nor there. Kindred aside, this article is now the issue," he announced swiftly, pointing directly to the paper. "Your reputation is at stake."

    "What reputation?" Ana shot back, then giggled playfully. "Have they said something kind for once?"

    "Oh no, we can't have that," Jules continued the game. "I've worked very hard over the years to become the notorious defiler of virgins and youths, and I won't have my bad name tarnished by such subversive creatures."

    Stephen grimaced in disapproval. "This is serious, Jules. Read," he commanded, handing Jules the article.


    Just weeks after photos of Julian Vercini and Princess Caroline appeared showing the couple canoodling on the veranda of an established British socialite's home, Cass Depardieu, Vercini's newly scorned SO, was caught criticizing her former flame, dubbing him a “serial cheat" who “cannot keep his pants zipped” according to an anonymous informer.

    It seems the pretty blonde actress had known about Vercini’s philandering for some time, but was hoping the handsome heartthrob would eventually forgo his libertine ways for something more permanent with his beautiful girlfriend. “But when she saw those pictures,” says the source, “she knew her efforts were in vain. He isn’t going to change.”

    Cassandra Depardieu and Julian Vercini first emerged as a couple ten years ago, when the highly profiled Grace case cast light on their relationship. Back then the promising young actress had been receptive to the fashion mogul's advances, and the two had dated consistently for two years, at which point Vercini began to stray, according to the source.

    "Cass said he'd always struggled with commitment, but then he wouldn't even attempt to keep it a secret. He romanced other women in front of her face -- it was quite flagrant."

    Apparently Vercini's cheating was not limited to women as rumors about his ambiguous relationships with close friends Chris McCormack and Mark McMillan have been the mainstay of gossip columnists for years.

    When contacted for comment on the story, Depardieu reps could not be reached while Vercini publicist, Cynthia Hammick would only say the allegations were "questionable" and "of a dubious nature."

    Jules threw the paper down nonchalantly. "This hardly commands attention - it's in 'WE' magazine for Pete's sake, perhaps the most disreputable of all gossip columns. No one will take it seriously."

    "It doesn't matter, Jules," his father shot back. "Right now you're in a precarious position with Tom Sellars and you can't afford to buck protocol; it could end your career, and swiftly."

    "Did you sleep with her?" came a timid voice.

    Jules turned to look at Ana and instantly regretted his affair, noting with anguish and guilt the unquestionable expression of suffering in her face. "I'm so sorry, Ana,” he whispered sympathetically, hoping to alleviate some of her pain. “I didn't know you were searching for me then, and besides, though it may seem difficult to believe I really am changing for the better. I'm not as promiscuous these days; I have neither the time nor the inclination for it, and the princess - she was the exception simply because it was convenient and easy at that particular moment."

    Then, to reinforce his good intentions, Jules leaned over and gently kissed her on the cheek. The sweet smell of her skin elicited long suppressed memories, and he remembered the first time he had embraced her in the woods, when she had succumbed so lovingly in his arms. "Henceforth there is no one else but you," he stated firmly. "Princesses and pretty actresses be damned, okay?"

    Suddenly Ana burst out into a wide smile. "Okay," she agreed happily, but then abruptly frowned. "But Jules, they're right. I had the “luxury” of sitting by Tom Sellars on the flight here and he is subject to exploiting people for his own personal use. He may not like the press you bring to his television station."

    Jules sighed in frustration. "Well I am tired of Tom Sellars anyway, and since I am forgoing the reality show I really don't need him or his stupid network. I'm going to cancel my slot."

    Stephens eyebrows shot up in surprise. "I'm not in your line of business, Jules, but I know enough about marketing to anticipate Tom's wrath over your decision. You're leaving a prime-time slot completely empty, something that is bound to anger him."

    "Oh, I don't care anymore," Jules spat out, waiving away the idea as he led Ana to the couch and invited her to sit down. "I'm tired of being manipulated by power mongers and ambitious actresses. I want to control my own destiny for once, at least insofar as I can control it. If I muck it up, fine, but I'm sick of allowing other people to dictate to me what I will and won't do."

    Flinging himself down on the sofa beside Ana, Jules produced a cellular phone out of his pocket and dialed Cynthia Hammick's number. "Cynthia, this is Jules…yes, I saw the article…I want to answer it. No, nothing as scandalous as that. I'm thinking Oprah…yes, an interview, either her or Barbara Walters but Walters has always bored me…no, no night shows because I don't want to stay up late; I need my sleep or I get circles under my eyes and that won't do me…see what you can work out and then call me back…okay sweetie, toodles."

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