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Thread: a few questions

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    Hi! The name William Scott Sherlock Holmes appears in Leslie S. Klinger's book "A new Annotated Sherlock Holmes" based on the book by William Gould-Baring.This book puts forward many theories about dates,times, relatives, life-events etc - including the idea that Holmes was born William Scott Sherlock Holmes in 1854. This name doesn't appear anywhere in the Canon though, and a lot of the theories of Sherlockian scholars are based on probability rather than fact - though they're really interesting to read.
    As for the punctuation - I've only seen it written Holmes'. I hope this answers your question!

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    I doubt if anything other than Doyle's work is even considered as canon, for the simple reason that he created Holmes. The collection is so elaborate and consistent in thoughts, ideas, details and Holmes' mannerisms.

    Other biographies, research and such are inevitable. But we cannot give them any more credibility than Doyle.

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