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Thread: wordsworth and the french revolution

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    How is someone with THAT poor of English skills writing about Wordsworth?! :P

    He changed his mind for a few reasons, if I remember correctly. One of them being the fact that he had a child in the country where the revolution was going on. Another being that he went out and SAW what was happeneing to the innocents of France.

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    In part wordsworth did change his mind because he had a daughter in france during the period. however he also changed his mind about the revolution because it just turned into a blood bath near the end. An example would be that the entire royal blood line was killed, along with most royalist supporters. I think wordsworth looked at what was happening and realized that the Revolution had gotten wayyy out of hand.
    Too much killing on both sides.

    And by the way, im no history or literature buff, i just happen to be writing a paper on the french revolution and its effect on Wordsworth's poetry.

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