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Thread: Dan Brown

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    You have to remember the book is a fictional novel and not all of the things Brown says are true or even credible. I found it entertaining to some degree because I like art and history but it by no means is a great literary masterpiece. I personally thought Angels and Demons was a more interesting book because it was less predictable. I'm a devout Catholic and I really don't consider this novel blaspemous... its fiction and even has a disclaimer in the beginning of the novel... I think ppl take somethings way too seriously.
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    Don't find me over reacting then but....Of all,Why make stories of Jesus' life?Isn't he scared that God might be angry with that? I'm scared regarding his issue on the novel.It's GOD!!hello?? It makes sense, it matters though it's a novel.

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    lets just leave it that Dan Brown can have whatever opinion he wants as with anybody can denounce any God they want... at least in the U.S. No mobs after Dan Brown please. I think we could find a better candidate!

    However, i did once heard that freedom of speech is not something you are given, i heard it was something you gave yourself.
    All across the telegraph
    His name it did resound,
    But no charge held against him
    Could they prove.
    And there was no man around
    Who could track or chain him down,
    He was never known
    To make a foolish move.

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    i really don't get why some people are, per se, afraid of the da vinci code. when i was reading it, for example (oh, just to know what the hype was all about ), i got a dirty look from my christian friends. it seems like people are assuming that if you read the da vinci code, you're automatically agreeing with its content (even if they haven't read it and therefore do not really know what the content is except for it's blasphemous). please. does reading about the moslems will automatically make you a moslem? does reading about the kabbalah will automatically make you jewish?

    i still don't know what the hype of the da vinci code is all about, but some of the riddles were actually fun to try to solve. and i'd say if you're a christian and your faith is strong enough, i don't think you're going to have to worry about being plunged into the hole of uncertainty and questioning God's existence and being and whatnot.

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    The fact some Christians have very strong opposition to the book generally makes it more interesting to the general public and gains more publicity for the book. I think its sad but true that posting such an "unorthodox" idea of Christianity's roots <even though it is not and doesn't claim to be accurate> is a way for authors to make big bucks. I can understand how some Christains feel that making a ficton Novel of Christianity is disrespectfu and make some feel as if nothing is sacred. However their outrage seems to strike curiosity in others which lead them to read the book. Instead of the desired boycott, the book becomes a best seller.
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    angels and demons is much better than da vinci code.

    i think they are worth reading, because then you can discuss them in forums like this but also because they are interesting, and it does make you think about alot. for those with a strong faith, there is nothing to worry about. for those weak-faithed, then u should definetely read it to put you on either side of the church.

    im not saying that this book decides your level of faith. if you want to decide your faith, read the bible, and pray.

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