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Thread: great movies ! great "revised" WH version ?

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    great movies ! great "revised" WH version ?

    The 1992 version with Fiennes & Binoche brilliantly conveys that gloomy atmosphere at Wuthering Heights, the melancholic timbre of the female narrator's voice (approximately the age of Emily Bronte when writing that novel) adds considerably to that, alongside with the opening scene
    of that lone wanderer on the moors discovering the derelict manor (symbolising moor - roaming Emily Bronte herself).

    Also very strong : the ghost scene with adult Cathy right in the beginning;

    Heathcliff's return after years, on horseback clad in black, with that 18th century black,three cornered hat - all amid the ravens' cawing - showing only the back of the rider, is yet another masterly done scene.

    However there are also a few weaknesses : Heathcliff's reception by Cathy at Grange ( doorway scene / living room at Grange) !
    Here, the director seems to have missed the chance on capitalising on / highlighting the explosive and dramaturgic potential of this f i r s t meeting after years ... this had been achieved in a somewhat more gripping manner in the 98 version.
    Another awe-inspiring scene in the '98 version, starring Peter Cavannah, is the night of Cathy's death with Heathcliff being driven into insanity whilst waiting in the garden and hearing her final bloodcurdling screams, again a scene with no such counterpart in the '92 Fiennes / Binoche version.
    Quite different, yet well done in both movies is the "kitchen scene" between Nelly and Cathy.
    A weakness in the '98 version IMO is the childhood sequence - including the ghost-at-the-window scene - with the child actors acting in far too stiff and artificial a manner and thus, ultimately boring.

    I must admit that even up to now I haven't read the novel itself, 'though I am aware of its alternating narrator perspectives and various retrospectives that disallow any chronological read thread. As those structuralist features can hardly touch upon the very fabric of WH / Cathy's & Heathcliff's relationship
    with all its giant number of facets, it is indeed arguable for that " 21th century reader " to prefer the "70-page revised version of WH" mentioned earlier in this forum.

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    Smile Wuthering Heights Movies

    Wuthering Heights had been my favorite book since I read it for the first time iwhen I was about 13. I have read so many times that I lost count. The love that Heathcliffe has for Catherine is pure and is the love of a complete soul mate. His love is not her status or lack thereof or of what anyone else thinks. Catherine too has that love for Heathcliffe. She says "I am Heathcliffe. However she is affected by what someone will think, and finds out too late what she has done to herself and Heathcliffe. I think I am still waiting for my Heathcliffe to come along and sweep me off my feet.
    I like the 90's movie better than the older movie. It was more like the boo.
    There has been a book written about Heathcliffe's life during the years he disappeared. I do not like the book because the character of Heacliffe is not the Heathcliffe in my heart. However, the book is interesting in that it ties the other Bronte sister books into the plot. The title is H. The Story of Heacliff's Journey Back to Wuthering Heights;the author is Lin Haire-Sargent.

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