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Thread: The Aeneid Vs. The Illiad

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    Exclamation The Aeneid Vs. The Illiad

    I need to compare two ideas in the Illiad and the Aeneid. I was thinking that i would do hector and aenaes but i can't think of enough to say about him in my paper. Please help!

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    Hello, onlylol, welcome to the forum.
    I think you would have an easier time comparing Aeneas with Achilles, but one could surely construct a few similarities between Aeneas and Hector, who both came from the conquered Troy. Though, in contrast, Aeneas did very little fighting in the Trojan War compared to Hector (who died in action by Achilles), Paris instructed him to carrying on the legacy of Troy, giving him a very sacred sword.
    Both Aeneas and Hector take much pride in their country, and both, obviously, will fight to the death defending for their honor. I think this respectable (though I, personally, remain pacifist), bordering much on a Horace-like philosophy. If Hector lived through The Iliad, no doubt, he would seek revenge as Aeneas did in The Æneid, most likely aimed at King Agamemnon and his kingdom. Both characters also, indeed, share leadership skills; Hector, more, inherits his leadership as the son of the king, and, in a way, Aeneas indirectly inherits his requirement for leadership from Paris. Their militaries depend on them entirely, and without them, their armies would subsist in chaos and probably dissipate, as did much of the Trojan army after Hector's death.
    Well, I hope I have helped to have at least stimulated further thought; and I wish you luck, onlylol.

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