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Thread: Hey yall!

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    Smile Hey yall!

    Hi Everyone!
    I'm Lauren and I was so happy to find this site! I'm taking the semester off due to the hurricane completely wiping out New Orleans (where my college is) and taking this time to read the books I always wanted to read but never had the time. I like to read classics novels and philosophical or psychological literature. I also love poetry. Well thanx so much for having this site I don't feel as much of a dork for actually reading for fun as I used to.


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    Hi Lauralou,
    I send you my greetings and hope you now feel very welcome!I'm from Australia-how about you?I look forward to hearing more from you.I also enjoy reading all of the classics and some philosophical books and am also extremely interested in psychology.And it's great to see another poetry lover here!Do you also write your own poems and/or songs?Anyway, best wishes!
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    Hello Lauren! welcome to the Literature Network. There's lots of us here who read for fun and a few who are having to read for school that they're not entirely happy about but there are lots of discussions going on, hope you find some of your interests or start your own.

    You're from Nola?
    What a great idea for spending your free semester but hopefully things will get back to `normal' in Louisiana soon.

    We have a special poetry section, details are about it at following link if you ever care to share some of your poetry with us
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    Welcome, Lauralou, and how pleasant for you to join us.
    I surely hope the best for your situation of having to move, but feel happy to know that it has not interrupted your reading - the sign of a true avid reader!

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    As I'm not good with words, I can only say, welcome.

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