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Thread: The Devil's Dictionary

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    The Devil's Dictionary

    Signing up to this website had made me lose the will to live! I just wanted to contact John Kvarnstrom who asked for 'interesting information' on the author of The Devil's Dictionary'. Stop right there John! All the interesting information you will ever hope to find is IN THE DICTIONARY. Read and enjoy.

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    Hello, fandango, and welcome to the forum.
    I also, for years, have loved Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary (also known as The Cynic's Word Book) - what many have called his 'sardonic humor.' On this site, I happened to begin a thread some time ago of my favorite 'definitions' here, and, if you did not notice, the website's administrator has a free Internet copy of it, along with many of Bierce's short stories, here.

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