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Thread: William Blake's beliefs

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    William Blake's beliefs

    i know William Blake was a visionarey mystic and was spirtual, but what were his actual beliefs?

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    Despite his seemingly very religious beliefs in his poetry and paintings, Blake actually felt against organized religion, yet carried a few, what we now consider, strange concepts, such as the sun consisting of singing angels, and the collective consciousness of the Earth, including all past and future people, seeming equal (but that does not seem the best word) to the consciousness of good (God) and evil (Satan). Blake also had an idea of creativity and reason seeming in opposition, which he established somewhat in the Urizen and Orc parable; I cannot understand this entirely, but I feel I cannot understand a lot of his philosophy (though he wrote beautiful poetry ).
    This reminds me, perhaps I should find a good biography of William Blake - maybe the next time I visit the bookstore, yet, this seems all I know of Blake's individual beliefs. Good luck, and welcome to the forum!

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    I read Blake this summer and really enjoyed his work.

    The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is my favorite. Blake's work, to me, reflects very animistic beliefs.

    I found a useful reading guide at

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