Hello All...

I would like to, if I may, start a discussion on Capote. Yes I know he was a raging homosexual but I'm the type of girl that is known as a f** hag: I love gay boys! I began reading T.C. in high school and fell in love with him.
I would like to discuss his short stories and published letters, both recently issued from Random House. I loved his letters---very affectionate, gossipy, intelligent, *****y etc!
I have not visited Monroeville but I read a good essay on it @ http://reshremixed.tripod.com Capote was born in N.O. which is sad cuz who knows what will happen to N.O. now. My heart goes out to those affected by Katrina which is everyone. Even those in Maine!
Anyways what are your fave Capote works? Read THE MUSES ARE HEARD---Excellent! Also--- A CAPOTE READER, CONVERSATIONS WITH CAPOTE, CAPOTE by Clark bio.
O.K....Your turn!