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Thread: Please help me find a poem

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    Please help me find a poem

    Hi everybody
    FOr the last few days I have been searching all over the internet to find this particular poem. Unfortunately there is little that I can remember. I read it once for school and just recently I have this urge to hear this poem again. It is a very charming poem, very short, and the poet was from Canada. The poem form itself has no capitalized words, it did not follow the standard straight lefthand margin- it wavered, and there is only one imagery per line. The poem has two stanzas. The poem was comparing his love to the inner workings of a expensive watch. That is all I can recall. If you have any idea to what this poem any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot~! : )

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    The lack of capitalization and the 'wavering' are characteristic of e.e. cummings' work, but as far as I know, he was American, not Canadian. Still, if this kind of thing appeals, you might enjoy reading him.

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    Hello, hartista, welcome to the forums.
    Unfortunately, I cannot narrow down the description of the poem to only one, but, as with blp, I might suggest researching into E.E. Cummings, who actually came from the United States, not Canada. Much of his poetry, however, gained fame for his lack of punctuation and strange configurations of lines. If you know any other descriptions of the poem, I would love to help you find it.

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    Is this it? I found this at an ee cummings site, but it's 4 stanzas, not 2.

    It's called 'there are so many tictoc'

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    Not Telling!
    Go to this website:
    And tell us which you remember were broken rules.

    Is this it.. i don't think so,, but anyways:
    In the secular night you wander around
    alone in your house. It's two-thirty.
    Everyone has deserted you,
    or this is your story;
    you remember it from being sixteen,
    when the others were out somewhere, having a good time,
    or so you suspected,
    and you had to baby-sit.
    You took a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream
    and filled up the glass with grapejuice
    and ginger ale, and put on Glenn Miller
    with his big-band sound,
    and lit a cigarette and blew the smoke up the chimney,
    and cried for a while because you were not dancing,
    and then danced, by yourself, your mouth circled with purple.
    Now, forty years later, things have changed,
    and it's baby lima beans.
    It's necessary to reserve a secret vice.
    This is what comes from forgetting to eat
    at the stated mealtimes. You simmer them carefully,
    drain, add cream and pepper,
    and amble up and down the stairs,
    scooping them up with your fingers right out of the bowl,
    talking to yourself out loud.
    You'd be surprised if you got an answer,
    but that part will come later.

    There is so much silence between the words,
    you say. You say, The sensed absence
    of God and the sensed presence
    amount to much the same thing,
    only in reverse.
    You say, I have too much white clothing.
    You start to hum.
    Several hundred years ago
    this could have been mysticism
    or heresy. It isn't now.
    Outside there are sirens.
    Someone's been run over.
    The century grinds on.

    I thought it said the standard left hand poem

    What grade were you in
    I have 853 poems online. Please check some out:

    My Poems

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    Did a little searching. E.E.Cummings matches your description but may not be from Canada. The Canadians have a poet laureate website with links. RJS

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    am trying to find a poem that i have been looking for for a few days now and wondered if anyone could help me i remember some of it
    The scientist turned a mouse bright blue
    to see what all his friends would do
    his friends they didnt seem to mind
    the scientist wrote down their find

    i heard it when i was younger and would really like to read it again hope you can help

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    re: Please help me find a poem

    I believe it might be a quote from Snitter, one of the main characters in Richard Adams' 'The Plague Dogs.' At least I think these lines are from there:

    The whitecoats painted a mouse bright blue, and stuffed his ears with sneezing glue,
    They shone a biscuit through his eye, to see what lay beyond the sky,
    The mouse he knew not what he did, he blew them all up with a saucepan lid...

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