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Thread: A Canterbury Tale of mine

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    A Canterbury Tale of mine

    The Augur`s Tale
    (the prolugue)

    Now that the spring is in the air
    and pretty girls are everywhere,
    little children are having fun,
    while they`re playing in the sun.
    All the people from Canterbury
    left their work and started to hurry
    to gather with some known fellow
    and to relax in a beautiful meadow.
    I cannot tell exactly why
    but as fast as birds fly
    six complete strangers could
    somehow make a group,which was good
    enough to settle together on a lawn
    when after the long trip they blown.
    Very tired,they spoke slowly first but
    these pretty nice fellows in the end
    after some instant managed to unbend,
    these happy aliens began the acquaintance
    with a funny ice-breaking conference.
    There was an audicious knight,
    in every minute ready to start a fight,
    though he`d had a battle in a mart
    he was highly chivalrous in his heart.
    Here there is what he said,
    when all other chaps he beheld:
    "I am here joy and fun to reach
    and not friends and laws to breach.
    I declare that I`ll never blurt,
    no-one of you I`ll ever hurt.
    I enjoy to tell or listen to adventure tales,
    no matter if there`re about males or females."
    All the folks approved his words
    and another one spoke after the first:
    "I`m a young apprentice,but not dumb
    as my master very oft calls me for fun.
    I find his work rather dull,
    all I wish is to have a real pal.
    Too much wine and too much song,
    I wonder how I got along.
    I`d like all sorts of stories to hear today
    when I am from my chief far away."
    "We`re going to tell stories as I can see",
    started to the others the man from the sea.
    "I am a mariner and I have a ship,
    stories I know plenty,and none is a fib.
    I know about a tar,who crossed the Atlantic
    two thousand years ago,and he wasn`t frantic.
    He had only one small boat of reed
    and almost nothing for himself to feed.
    I know many stories with a glamorous deed
    but I shall let the girl to speak.
    She`s said nothing so far and seems bleak."
    "Well, I am just a very young lady,
    still, I`m not thinking of a baby.
    I like the company of many men,
    especially if we are in my den.
    I like to spend my spare time
    enjoying man muscles,not in decline.
    Men often tell me moral tales during the night
    while we are having a bit of a fight,
    for I suffer a very tough insomnia,
    and the moral is always:Amor vincit omnia."
    Than the shoemaker set out his speech;
    he was there because his wife was a leech.
    He also said there couldn`t be a poll,
    he was in that troupe only for the droll.
    Afterwards the last man spoke,
    he confessed he was a weird bloke.
    And not just an ordinary geezer,
    but a kind of an oracle,a seer.
    When all the others heard that
    their curiosity became fat.
    "Tell us, what the future will be
    and we`ll ever honour thee."

    (Here starts the
    Augur`s Tale)

    "Future is absolutely insane,
    there`s no-one for that to blame.
    People will become exceedingly crazy,
    nature will not more be daisy,
    the men from the future will spoil everything,
    do not speak,wench,please,I`m trying to think.
    Too many wars will be carried out,
    too many children and women will be wiped out,
    a large number of clever men will pass away,
    during the wars,and only for a day.
    There will be an evil feeling everywhere in the air,
    and nobody will be able to pinpoint it here or there.
    Don`t warry good things will also happen
    but for a moment, I just can`t see them.
    People will stay only in there places,
    they will rarely show outside there faces,
    for many machines will appear
    and the good in man`s heart will disappear.
    They won`t be able to enjoy such a nice day
    as you and me now we here stay".
    "No,please,stop,don`t talk any more",
    said the girl and upon him pore.
    "Please,augur,tell us about the past,
    I know it`s beautiful",the chick gasped.
    And then the prophet went on fast:
    "Everybody admires the past,everyone
    knows that the bad things in past were none.
    Even choldren know about Semiramida`s gardens
    and that after dirty words men begged pardons.
    But do not let me ravish your mind
    and through speaking boring things make you blind.
    I advise you somebody else
    to tell a tale and enjoy himself."
    And then the wench said she was bored
    and a lovely story to tell will afford.
    And when the day is over she promised
    to satisfy her friends` leasure
    and to show them her den for pleasure.
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    Well done! I really like it. This year we had 'Canterbury Tales' and having read them I know it's not so easy to write one of those. From Chaucer I enjoyed 'Nun's Priest's Tale' the most. Go Chanticleer
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