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Thread: Zane Grey

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    Zane Grey

    He is now considered a legend and has books dating back to the early 1900's, i.e. Riders of the Purple Sage. These should be included in any classic library.

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    I'm partial to Rogue River War myself.
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    Excuse my denseness, are you speaking about the wild west (western or howdoyacallit in English) books Zane Grey?
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    Yes, that is as in the "Wild West". However, the so called wild west was far safer than it was in the cities back East or in Europe. No man dared harm a woman or child for fear of the retribution it would cause (he would either turn up in a new necktie made of hemp or receive justice of the .44 caliber persuasion).
    Yet, many of the western towns boasted of band concerts, plays, poetry readings, and such. Every and any excuse for a party (as in a potluck dinner, sarah hawkins' day lunch, church social, etc.) was taken at the drop of a hat. Unlike big cities today, where neighbors are considered suspicious, in the old west, and the parts of it that remain today, neighbors are considered almost relatives.

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