Iam a student from canada and my class just finished reading this book.I have observed that each animal represents somthing in this real world. Mr Jones who represented Czar Nicholas2.Old Major who represented Karl Marx; the philosipher with a dream of a communist country. We have Napoleon who represents Stalin and Snowball who represents Trotsky(the joke around the school was that Trotsky looked almost exactly like my math teacher). The dogs and pigs altogether represented the elites; meaning that they were the ones who were higher in socity. The sheep, cows and horses who represented the working class. The donkey who represented the cynics; meaning the people who are sarcastic or are a sceptic. Mollie who represented the bourgeosie or the buissiness class. The cat who represented those people who leach or use other people(in other words a parasite). Mosses who represented the curch/religion in Russia. And the Rats who represented the lower class or could also mean the rats also representing the Jews in Russia at this time.

There is also an emence amount of symbolism in this book. In the first chapter where they bring in the song beasts of England; which can symbolize nationalism. When they say "Uproar Silenced" it symbolizes when the Czar prevents the rebellion.There are different farms that represent the different countries involved. Such as Foxwood and Pilkington representing Britain or Pinch field and Fredrick representing Germany. In chapter 5, the expulsion of snowball; which symbolizes the expulsion of Trotsky and the windmill that is begining to be built, represents the 5 year plan made by Trotsky. In chapter 6 where snowball becomes a scapegoat and is blamed for the ruined windmill, symbolizes Trosky and hoe he is blamed for the failer of the 5 year plan. There is alot of symbolism/representation but i would have a very long list.

Basicly the story of animal farm is a story of propaganda,Communism in the USSR and how one man was greedy and was able to abuse his power.