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    This is as good as any of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Similar in structure to "Study in Scarlet," with the second half taking place in the US and being a history of what led up to the first half. The last bit coming back to Holmes and Watson. Read ALL the Sherlock Holmes stories (in order preferably) -- they are all good.<br>

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    Doyle's "visit" back in history to the United States is based on a true occurance, but reflects the view that the press wanted when it occured. The actual happening was the breaking up of the so-called "Molly McMaquires" by a Pinkerton agent. What is now known is the men who were hanged were almost certainly innocent. In fact, a stone momument records the record. Interesting what you can learn. I think it was Bierce or Wilde who stated that history is always written by the winners...

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    I found that, although it was structured in the same way, 'A Sign of Four' was more about the actual mystery and the 'art of deduction.' It also seems to be about Sherlock earning Watson's full respect and the bonding of their friendship.
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    Is this the story with Mcmurdo investigating McGinty in America?

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