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    I am looking for a list of the complete series of Martian Novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I would like to purchase the series as a gift for a friend. I am unfamilar with this series and could use some help. Please e-mail me with any information. Thanks

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    Mike D

    Martian series

    You didn't leave your email or at least it didn't show up. please email me so I can help you in your search for the martian series by ERB.

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    D. Walter

    A Princess of Mars

    Many years ago when I was just starting to find an interest in book reading my parents introduced me to Edgar Rice Buroughs and his Martian series. I had heard of his Tarzan books and was midly interested in those, but there was something in his Martian series that opened a love of reading that hasn't stopped since.<br>The stories were like non-stop action, adventure, suspense, fantasy mixed with a good portion of romantic overtones. The journey of a human, John Carter, through such a way of life, strange beings on a totally alien landscape enthralled me to no end. I needed to locate every book to read. It may be considered by some as simple "brain candy" but to me at that time it was a door unto imagination that I could not have conceived up until than.<br>I subsequently have read his series at least twice over and they still instill some degree of admiration for John Carter and his adventures on Barsoom with his princess Deja Thoris.

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