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    Wonderous to behold...

    After finishing this book, My bondage and my Freedom by Frederick Douglass, I am appalled to find that no one else has left a comment. This book holds within it one of the most moving stories that I have ever read, and what astonishes me the most about the whole subject is that it's a true story of Douglass' life. <br> Douglass tells the reader of a time when not only America was divided by slavery and the Civil War, but how the world as a whole was divided. He tells us of not only what it was like to be a slave, but also what true courage and love mean. So many of us today fail to realize how much we have been affected by this event in history, and what it meant to people more than 100 years ago. Many gave up their lives so that we as a nation could come together and throw away the things that make us different. Douglass makes it clear in such a moving story of how differences are what make people special, and why they should be loved for the differences. The book also makes a huge statement on how the world has been since the time of slavery. I recommend this book to everyone. It's a true classic.

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    I agree with you. It is surprising that there is not more discussion about this great American. When I was in Washington,D.C. several years ago, I had the privilege of touring Cedar Hill in Anacostia. You could feel the presence of Douglass in the house. Alas, you are not alone in your appreciation of Mr. Douglass.

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