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    From my reading of Forster the word that appears to crop up the most is 'muddle': he perceived life to be a great muddle which we make more and more complicated through dishonesty and hypocrisy. It seems Forster thought the greatest tragedy was to be untrue to oneself and one's emotions, as in his novels the consequences to such deception are often catastophic or even fatal. This doesn't count as a saying as such, but is certainly a recurrent theme and I would be tempted to talk on this. Hope this is of some help.

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    i am currently in std 9 and we have to do a project on E.M Forster. one of our tasks is to write a letter to e.m forster giving our oppinion on one of his oppinions or sayings. i dont know any of his sayings or whatever..<br>please reply ASAP<br><br>from megan

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