I find Brave new World and Intersting and entertaining work. The world Huxley has created is a thought provocing one at leat. I sends a subtle message about the more subliminal ways of controlling people. In a brave new world, no one is truley being forced into living in the way the "controllers" want them too, they want to. They are the victims of the most subtle and ingenious method of control, the illusion of freedom. While to a certian extent, the citizens of Brave New World are free to live trheir lives as they wish, they are bound by their the constraints of their own conditioningt, and gentic status. An epsilon may be happy with his/her station, really only becaue they have no choice and they have been told they should be happy.<br> I draw a parralet to Brave new world and the Matrix. The people living in the matrix are more or less happy in their imainary world, becaue they are unaware that their world is fals. In a brave new wold it is even worse. They are fully aware of the genetic manipulation and condition they undergo, and yet they accept it as a necessity of their society. This may not make and sense, but these are just some off the cuff thoughts of mine, and i hope it helps soemone in thier thoughts