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    Gilbert Blythe

    Anne of the Island

    Oh my gosh! This is SUCH a good book! It talks about love, love, love, and Anne, Gilbert, and Roy. Anne has like 5 proposals! But Gil wins!!!

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    Yes, Anne seems to be quite popular, though her heart knows what she wants. I don't think she realized how much she loved Gilbert until his illness, and I don't think she was ready to marry him the first time he proposed.
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    this is a such a great work from montgomery, i held my breath when gilbert says he loved anne.........well surely love sneak behind them slowly but surely....

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    this was such a great book...I loved it...

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    The reason why I love this book is not only because it's the start of the Anne and Gilbert romance, but also because of the many quirky and interesting characters we are introduced to, and a continuation in the stories of old characters, such as Davy.

    I have to admit that my favourite new character is Philippa Gordon. I love how indecisive she is (a quality I recognise in myself) and how she gives everything up to marry a poor, penniless, homely seminary student with a beautiful soul and spirit.
    I also love the description of Patty's Place, especially Gog and Magog

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