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Thread: The Fascinating Sherlock Holmes!

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    The Fascinating Sherlock Holmes!

    Sherlock Holmes is the greatest crime-fighter, and even though he is just a figment of imagination of a great writer, he seems almost real! With his brilliant sense of observation, and marvellous ability of deduction, he can solve all those cases which present themselves as a tough problem for all other detectives. But Arthur Canon Doyle deserves the greatest honour, I guess, for in my eyes, he is the king of mystery stories!

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    I quite agree! I hope it is normal to forget that he is a fictional character, because i quite often do!

    He has an unimaginable knack for finding exactly what he is looking for!

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    I was talking to my teacher about him the other day, and she said to me "You do realize he's not real don't you?"
    I had actually forgotten. :P
    I wish he was real. He'd be awesome.

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    Yeah, it is amazing how many people truly do believe he was real. In the intro to my complete Sherlock Holmes the person talks about how they get approached asking where he lived.

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