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    If offered as satire, this is hysterical. If not, pathetic.

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    thats a very sincere and smart comment.i wish there was really a world like that but ofcourse thats not true because dinosuors don't exist anymore exept ofcourse the large up!

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    Knot Tellin

    Dairmuid, possibly lost in the world

    I hope this commentary on Sir A.C.D.'s "The Lost World" was offered as satire, as was Anonymous of February 6, 2003. But just in case...DAIRMUID! WAKE UP! Does the word FICTION mean anything to you??? It's ENTERTAINMENT, and well done entertainment, at that. It's written almost as a diary to draw the reader give the sense of astonishment that one might feel at investigating a 2nd party's theory and finding it correct.<br><br>And, of course, it's a commentary on humankind and the man's need to touch EVERYTHING and change EVERYTHING as a result....since of course, humans ALWAYS know best!!!<br><br>I'll sign off hoping that you were just having "fun with sarcasm". If you were, then your "tongue in cheek" needs some work. The joy in satire is that others KNOW without a doubt that you are operating from a satirical p.o.v. despite your comments to contrary. And, with your writing, it's anything but clear.

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    No Subject

    Agreein wiv knot-tellin i thought it was blaintent to see that this was written as fiction? Who suggested that ACD was writin from experience? Anyone who could have possibly considered such a thing seriously would, yes, be a ' crack pot '. Disturbin how gullable sum ppl r

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    Your theories on dinosaurs needs updating

    Not only do I hope your analysis was satire, but your theories on dinosaurs as well. Cold blooded dinosaurs left the scene around the same time as dinosaurs dragging their tails. The scientific community at large has been in general agreement that most, if not all, dinosaurs were warm blooded and closer related to birds than reptiles.<br>

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    No Subject

    I just finished reading "The Lost World". I am sorry to say that one of the reasons I wanted to read it was because of the website. After reading the story (which I thought was excellent, although a little heavy-handed when it came to English colonization) I am completely convinced that "The Lost World" was complete fiction. It seemed more a commentary of humankind than an account of a prehistoric world surviving into modern times. The descriptions of dinosaurs which some feel are too complete to be untrue were in many ways scientifically impossible (for example, the dinosaurs in the story are for the most part nocturnal--dinosaurs were cold blooded, and scientist today feel that they would only function in the hot daylight). If anything, the only good to come out of these wack-job theories is that they interested me in a book I might not have read otherwise. Thanks, crack pots!

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    Hi Dairmud,

    Could not agree more.
    Lost world is not and was never intended to be an account of reality, the vast mixture of non compatable life forms, dinosaurs, ape men, pre-historic stone age men and other life forms tell us this from the start.
    Doyles sole purpose in this piece is to indulge the reader in pure fantasy, to give us the power to believe those fables of our childhood and become lost in total fantasy.
    A great read and highly recommended to anyone who still believes that Sir Arthur was Sherlock Holmes.

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