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    No The Lost World Jurassic Park was writen by Michael Crichton and was not based upon The Lost World that Doyle wrote about. Michael Crichton only followed after his first book Jurrassic Park to give a more complete story of the five islands that Mr. Hammond owned over the coast of Costa Rica. Though Michael has only written about two of the five islands that are owned by Mr. Hammond he will hopefully fully follow through with the rest of the story line.

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    the lost world

    I must disagree, i do fully believe that Michael Crichton author of the Jurrasic Park novels pays homage to Sir Conan Doyle by calling his book "The Lost World". For the story does take place, not in South America, mind you but in another romote place in the the world. But it does feature dinosaurs and that is what Doyle wrote about travellers in search of them well some of them at least. Although between the two books there is a load of difference, but I still stand by my belief and thank Mr. Michael Crichton for remembering Sir Authur Conan Doyle the man that invisioned us in the beginning.

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    Do you suppose that the title "Lost World" Jurassic park was in homage to this book?

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