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    Lord Jim

    I read this book in my A.P. English class. We as a class felt that Conrad used way too much imagery and the detail went on and on. Jim is beyond flawed. Many of us felt he should have used the revolver on himself instead of the assassins. Jim just kept running from his fate, but in reality, Jim was running from himself. The readers know that he can not run from himself because he goes too.

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    Lord Jim - An Epic Tale perhaps

    The thought that came to mind on reading Lord Jim as a class as well was that we didn't get into the book until almost over half way through and by that time, I had wondered whether the book was about describing the scenery or whether Jim was ever going to do something rather than 'run' from something or someone to avoid 'his fate' - Nevertheless, the tale seemed to be an epic prose in a modern context and it leaves us wondering whether Jim'll ever be a man.

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