I have tried to read this books several times when I was younger, but I could not finished it. The subject of the book, about a man that has loose his honnor by an accident, is something that atract young people, because at this age all of us want to prove that we are a hero and not a coward. But the fact that sometimes the net of fate could come and destroy all of our dreams is something really scary. I have to face some shipwrecks on my life to turn my attention to this book again, but I had to begin with Heart of Darkness and Amy Foster. The first one is smaller in the number of pages (not in substance), and the follow is for a best start point. Both inspired good movies what could bring the subject more atractive. Well, Lord Jim is my lasting temptation, and I am trying to read it now. Although it has a good movie version, with Peter O Toole, that is for me one of his best acting, it is very difficult to find it on VCR format. I wish to watch it again to remind my first impression, that influence all my life. I promise that when I get the end of this word-by-word well-written book, I will come back again and will show you all my view.