'The Secret Agent' is overwritten at times. Conrad seems to have relied too much on adjectives to do the work. So, sometimes, one finds five or more adjectives in a single sentence as if a noun could not be forceful enough to convey the meaning the author intended. <br><br>Chapter 11 is the crucial one because it reveals that Mr.Verloc and Winnie never managed to communicate. But I find this chpter is unnecessarily prolonged and repetitive. Conrad seems to have run out of steam here and in try to explore this relationship he places all his hopes in convincing us through Verloc's interior monologue. This may sway us as readers into sympathising with him but we have never condemned this character outright. We are aware that he is acting under strain - the infernal orders of Valdimir; and we know that he never imagined that Stevie would be blown up. But how can one expect further empathy with him when he starts discussing the immediate future with Winnie when the latter is so overwhelmed with grief? It is time for silence rather than to expect a character who has been sorely hurt to think about solving practical problems : escape or running the shop while Verloc is in prison.<br><br>In my view, chapter 11 needs drastic cutting.<br><br>Moreover, some the anarchists neraly evaporate. We have along chapter to see what they think but then some of them reappear only towards the end. For long stretches we never hear about them.