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Thread: Help needed!

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    Help needed!

    I have to read this book for my history class and I'm afraid I haven't had the time at all to even look at it. I have 6 other novels that need to be read in just one other class alone.<br><br>To the point.. I need to find some site or paper with just a plain summary of the entire book. <br><br>If anyone of you might have one, or know of somewhere i can get one, please please write back to my hotmail address.<br><br>Thank you!<br><br>-a poor/time starved college student

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    I'm probably too late, but for the purposes of future reference, the following link offers an exceptional analysis: -

    The novel, however, is superb once you've embraced it from a theoretical point of view. It's far, far too easy to conclude by saying "it's crap" because it isn't aesthetically pleasing on a 'literal' level.

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    i felt uneasy reading it, but i can't say this not one of Conrad's better books.

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