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Thread: read this book

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    ana camacho

    read this book

    the only reason i read this book was because i had to. i had to read this book for class and had to write an essay about this which was devastating. but as i started to read this book, i simply couldnt put it down. it got more interesting as i read and read. Im glad i read this book although the ending made me sad and wish i hadnt read it, but other than that, i love the book. and i highly recommend it to other people. Not only does it conclude forbidden love in the novel, but also a twist in the end.

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    I actually told my teacher I refused to read this novel. Then, I had to dig through the book for quiz answers and the beautiful words and heart wrenching story drew me in! I read all, day, walking to class, during class, while driving home! I love it and hate it. So Beautiful.

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    thats good
    but i dont know if i could find the book!
    and im with you Susie sometimes i read books in the class and my teacher always lets me go away with it
    Her heart is played like well worn strings; in her eyes the sadness sings; of one who was destined for better things.

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