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    Mowgli is pronounced Mow-Gul-ee <br><br>Balo is pronounced - Bah-loo<br><br>Bagheera is pronounced Bag-ear-ah<br><br>Shere Khan is pronounced Sheer-Cann<br><br><br><br>Yeah... thats about it

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    it is not very important to pronounce the name of a character in any book for as good old shakesphere says wats there in a name a rose will smell as sweet if calle by any other name

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    watch the disney version and listen to what they call each other - lol

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    its not that hard to say the name especially if u've seen the movie and heard others say it

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    Mowgli isn't pronounced as it is in the disney is Mow (as in cow)

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    How do you pronounce all the characters names, especially MOWGLI?

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    I pronounce Mowgli Mao glee although that may not be correct.
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